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Bodyweight Workouts: Gravity Training Without Equipment

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Développeur Training Video Apps, LLC
3.99 USD

Want to workout anywhere, using nothing but your own bodyweight? This app is for you.

* Gain strength, flexibility, mobility and endurance.
* 49 exercise videos.
* 7 full-round workouts. Workout with the trainer.

Whats great about this app is that you can really can do it anywhere - since it requires no equipment.

Youll get back to the basics, gain strength, flexibility, mobility and endurance.


These are full-round videos, so you workout alongside trainer Robert Budd.

When youre done, simply replay the video for subsequent rounds!


Training videos for all areas of the body: Arms & shoulders, legs, core & abs, booty, lats & obliques, chest & back.

* Inch worm to a plank on forearms
* Air squat
* 8 count burpee
* Bicycle crunch
* Spiderman push ups
* Warrior lunge
* Mountain climber
* Side to side side plank
* Single leg butt bridge
* Russian twist (row boat)
* Burpee with twisting pushup
* Single leg jump for height
* Hop hop drop squat
* Reverse lunge
* Crunches with arms up
* Side plank with elbow to knee crunch
* Frog jumps
* Single leg deadlift
* Sumo prison squat
* Superman
* Jumping jack
* Skaters
* Clapping push up
* Side to side lunge
* Macarana pushup
* Jump squats
* Flutter kicks
* Donkey kick
* Hand and foot lift push up
* V-ups
* Staggered pushups
* Windshield wipers
* Burpee to a lunge
* Single hand squat thrust
* Pistol squat
* Deck squat to pushup
* Curtsy lunge
* Twisting pushup
* Burpee to jumping Jack
* Tiger dive bombers
* Burpee with sit out
* Quick feet
* Teaser V-up
* Thruster to opposite arm/leg lift
* Overhead squat
* Tuck jumps
* Overhead lunge
* Side oblique plank with leg raise
* Mogal hops

Additional videos:

* Introduction


If you were to have private training with Robert for the content included in this app, it would cost you well over $500.

About Robert Budd

Robert Budd is a Certified Instructor, offering effective and efficient training.  He creates completely original workouts 5 days a week for his clients.

Robert has programmed a variety of exercises to help you get a full-body workout from nothing but your own bodyweight.